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Features of Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC)

standby letter of credit (sblc)

Features of Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC)

A standby letter of credit (sblc) is a surety in writing that we give to a third party to guarantee that a payment you owe them will be made on demand. Only the beneficiary your customer or supplier can demand the payment. You could use a standby letter of credit (sblc) to take advantage of business opportunities like large contracts, new premises or equipment without tying up your cash flow.

There’s no minimum limit, and the maximum limit is subject to approval. If you’re eligible, your guarantee will be for a nominated amount.

1. Building contracts: Use instead of retention money (also known as performance bonds).

2. Progress payments: Suitable for construction projects or large scale plant and equipment purchases.

3. Payment of future accounts to a third party: For example, your customers or suppliers.

4. Property leases: Secure a tenant’s obligations to a landlord under a lease agreement.

The account is in the client’s name, and earns interest. The person chooses the bank among financial institutions that are subject to the law on banks. Standby letter of credit (sblc) given directly to the person must be rapidly deposited in a bank account by him the tenant goes to the bank with some identification and the lease. In return, he will be given a document attesting to the grantee, a copy of which should be given to the person.

• The security of access to funds
Presentation of the standby letter of credit (sblc) document are very much required for the processing of things.
• Sever days are minimum required for new guarantee documents, so its easy
• Commonly used in commercial rental agreements.

The concept of standby letter of credit (sblc) covers a wide range of support available from company with the Bank committing its signature to third parties on your behalf. This guarantee can be used by any businesses either big or small. Contact us for more details.

The most commonly used bank guarantees are:

1. Completion guarantee
2. Rental guarantee
3. Payment guarantee
4. Tender guarantee
5. Advance payment security
6. Performance guarantee
7. Construction lien holdbacks
8. Performance bonds


• Use your assets or cash as security
• Available for individual as well as for company. So, you can start your search now for your preferences.
• Faster access to standby letter of credit (sblc) (from $5K-$250K) when you provide 100% cash security.

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